ALVA | The Sage

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head without the rune tattoos and glowy eyes. Originally a study of Alex Hanukafast.

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Based on the following written description:
"Sages are a unique type of mage that specialises not in casting magic, but stopping it. Through their meticulous understanding of how magic works and the precise use of barriers and seals, they can disrupt and stem the flow of energy, thereby halting spells or even causing them to backfire. For this reason, Sages are often known as the mage's bane."
As such, I wanted to design a mage character with very tank-like bulky, top-heavy proportions. Chains and trinkets should signal the profession of fighting off harmful hexes and sealing magic. Additionally, I chose for this sage to be a female dark elf from Iadlain, so she would clad in appropriately occult and rural looking clothing.