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Lukas kuhn

comp sketches


Design based on the following description:

"Iadlain is a small and isolated city that remains deeply immersed in magic [...]. Nestled far within the twisted forest of Wispwood, on land said to be scarred by battles of old, Iadlain is home to both some of the Empire’s greatest mages and most vicious, eldritch creatures.

To survive the seclusion and dangers of the area, the Iadlish people have learned to be wary, selfish and self-sufficient, and are generally unfriendly and suspicious towards others, especially outsiders. Magical power is respected above all else and worship of the dark god Atros remains strong.

Weather: Cool with frequent rain and mists, mild summers and cold, snowy winters
Geography: Dense forest over rugged and mountainous terrain with rivers flowing through the city"

Based on this I took french, english and german country side architecture of around 1600. The buildings are generally vertical to make it more hostile, aware. Also it's very askew and decrepit, making it darker, mysterious, giving it an Innsmouth-feel. theres alot of "evil plantlife" (aka vines, fungi, naked trees) showing how the town doesn't try to sharply seperate its civilization from the flora around and adds to the unsettling atmosphere. Healthier flowers are also possible if a less dark flair is desired, i.e. weeping trees.