NEO - MEIJI | early sketches and designs

Lukas kuhn doku p mastermoodboarddoppelseite

master moodboard, condensed from two different moodboards ( a pomptous light-gold one for a ballroom floor and a simple, dark and underlit one for a VIP floor)

Lukas kuhn ai prop wallpanel chart 001

first designs I made on the project, testing the merge of a modern, japanese and baroque sense in one prop, a simple wall to start out with.

Lukas kuhn ashura2salvagesmall

security robot combining Ashura from japanese buddhism and Karakuri, pretty-faced automatons from 1800.

Lukas kuhn atrium1 600x338

early explorative sketch

Lukas kuhn atrium1 600x8

early explorative sketch

While our collective vision of the future generally trends towards a clean Braun/Apple-type look, here I tried imagining a retread on historic design. What if a dystopian Japan returns to Isolationism and repeats sentiments of the Meiji-period?
This designproject combines Japanese, modern and baroque aesthetics, fusing them as tightly and seamlessly as possible.